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How to Use Fear to Fuel Your Freedom, with Wylie McGraw

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In this episode, Wylie McGraw cruises through his diverse life experiences and then digs into some of the lessons he shares with his clients.

Episode Notes

His dad expected him to go further than he did in the world of professional baseball. And he was well on his way, but sixteen year old Wylie McGraw could not ignore the feeling he had, that his dad's dream for him was not the life he was supposed to live. 

So in spite of his family's disappointment and disapproval, Wylie took an abrupt turn off that path, down the path of professional bull riding. There, atop a 1220 lb mass of muscle, Wylie felt truly alive in a way he'd never felt before. While other kids his age were heading into college, Wylie headed onto the professional rodeo circuit, mentored by some of the very best in the business. 

The next time Wylie felt a pull down a different path, it was the path of military service. Three combat tours later, Wylie emerged from the military with a trifecta of intense life experiences that forged him into the expert he is today. 

There is a popular quote attributed to Thomas à Kempis that says, "Wherever you go, there you are." Wylie's clients are those who realize the meaning of this quote, as they recognize that the levels of success they build for themselves doesn't magically slay the inner demons holding them down or back. So they come to Wylie to, as Wylie says, "Unfuck their lives" and "Slay their demons." 

Wylie's clients then begin the work that needs to be done, to maximize their potential  on all fronts in their own lives.

In this episode, Wylie cruises through his diverse life experiences and then digs in to some of the lessons he shares with his clients. 

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